Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stoney Point Park

Alex might be part billy goat. At least, he can climb like one. Stoney Point Park is a stone's throw from our house, but after 20+ years of living within site of its peak, I finally climbed to it's top. Alex lead the way through the sandstone boulders. Not to be out-climbed by her big brother, Serene forged quickly behind. And together with friends, we were readily able to navigate its north side within an hour. The park is 76 acres and a mecca for rock climbers from near and far. We passed by plenty of climbers on our hike to the top. Novices and experts can find places to practice on this natural rock outcropping featuring dens, caves and alcoves. Unfortunately, broken glass and graffiti all along the way distracts from the parks splendor. Nevertheless, the reward is worth the trip to the top. A 360 degree view offers a stunning perspective of the San Fernando Valley region of greater Los Angeles. If you're local, nearly anyone can make it to the top. (No excuses -- my three year old climbed it relatively easily). For visitors, it offers one of the best views in town.