Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Madison Children's Museum is better than brats..

PARADE Magazine featured Madison, Wisconsin's Bratfest (the world's largest) as one of the best summer food stops of 2011 where in just one weekend 209,376 brats were eaten by thousands of cheeseheads, breaking the world record in 4 days, 41 hours and from 1 tent. The State of Wisconsin Capitol Building is a magestic structure situated between Lakes Monona and Mendota. It's dome reaches over 200 feet, just inches shorter than our nation's capitol. But neither the brats or the bronze statue topping the state's capitol building can surpass the city's museum designed just for its smallest residents. Just blocks from the capitol, the Madison Children's Museum is one of the best places for kids to both learn and play in the State of Wisconsin. The museum features a giant hamster wheel, life-size tinker toys, dozens of hands-on art studio opportunities, rooftop gardens with live animals, giant boxing gloves that require maneuvering with hand controls, gear-driven water fountains, building blocks, science experiments, a global village, robotics, and dozens of other exhibits and interactive activities that engage children & adults of all ages. Alex and his older cousin wore themselves out on the hamster wheel. (I am eager to install one in my own home.) After more than three hours of running, building, drawing, climbing -- and learning(!) -- Alex still hadn't had enough of this special kids museum. Coining themselves a "Possible-opolis" is an inventive city dedicated to discovery learning and creative play. All moms should add this to the must-see list next time you've got a few hours for fun in Wisconsin.