Sunday, May 17, 2009

Celebrate Seal Day!

The Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur rehabilitates rescued sick, injured and orphaned sea lions and seals. Perched atop San Pedro, CA with an impressive view of the Los Angeles Harbor, the center treats dozens of animals annually. Seal Day gives visitors a behind-the-scenes peek at how the mostly California seal lines, northern elephant seals, harbor seals and fur seals are cared for in private tanks. Most of the animals are released back to sea after an average one-to-three month stay, but for a handful of others, adoption is the only option. Alex got an up-close look at lunch time with a full menu of fish served by volunteer caregivers.

So, what should you do if you should encounter a beached animal? Stay at least 50ft. away and keep others back too. It is a federal offense to disturb marine mammals. Don’t push it back into the water, pour water on it or feed it. Call the local animal care and control agency.

See you next year on Seal Day!

Day Out with Thomas

Day Out with Thomas is probably one of the coolest things a kid can do. Sir Topham Hatt and Thomas the Tank Engine ™ tour the country annually so kids and families can hop onboard. From Tennessee to Texas and Oregon to Ohio, children of all ages can experience their imaginations on a full-size tank engine. We climbed aboard in Fillmore, CA, which isn’t quite the Island of Sodor, but Alex did get to meet the Hero of the Rails. The 25 minute train ride rolled by fast, but the rest of the festival gave every kid a chance to play for hours with Thomas, James, Percy, Gordon, Henry and all their friends on the traditional wooden and plastic tracks. Note to Parents: book tickets well in advance and bring your credit card for the special Thomas gift shop.

The Fillmore and Western Railway Company hosted the local event. The rest of the year, FWRY is # 1 in train film production with freight and passengers cars dating back to the 1860s. Families can enjoy FWRY during all the holiday – New Year’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, July 4th, Halloween, and Christmas – tours. In the summer Margarita Madness and Wine Express are offered for adults, but families can also search for the Headless Horseman during dinner or solve the murders aboard the mystery line tours.