Sunday, April 22, 2012

Santa Barbara Beach

The beach in Santa Barbara is just beautiful. The waves are calm, the sand is perfect for building castles and the pier that jets out from the main street offers a walk with restaurants, stores and even a small museum.

Dinosaur takes over Santa Barbara Zoo

Dinosaurs roam the Santa Barbara Zoo. At least, one that is. His name is Duncan. He actually does shows twice daily. Alex was selected to brush his teeth on stage. Serene sat in the first row and watched her brother take care of a T-Rex. Our dentist would be proud.

Dubbed the "World's Most Beautiful Zoo," the Santa Barbara Zoo boasts a view of the Pacific and the mountains that is stunning. Steps from the beach, affordable and easily visited in just a few hours, the zoo is the perfect day trip for Los Angelenos.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Tech

Everyone should visit The Tech Museum in San Jose, California. It's mission is to 'inspire the innovator in everyone' and it did just that.

We never even left the basement galleries, but we got to experience an earthquake, pilot a vehicle from under the sea, ride in a NASA jet pack chair, design a roller coaster and then ride it, and play in a shadow garden. After all, what sort of a museum can happily entertain a one-year-old Serene, six-year-old Alex, graduate student cousins and rocket scientist father for hours -- and leave them all wanting more?