Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Suitcases for Toddler

When traveling with children, it seems like you might have done better to just pack up your entire house, ordered a moving van and driven across the country for your three day weekend away. It's impossible to 'go light' no matter how hard you try. So, at least be sure to bring the right suitcase. Here some obvious tips:
  • Don't go any bigger than you absolutley must.
  • Wheels are essential.
  • Don't use the suitcase with the broken leg (like we did), just because you 'thought it would work.'
  • Get one of those compact, small duffels that fold down to the size of wallet, so when you bring items back, you've got an extra, small carry on.
  • Oh...and make sure your kid can pull it if you really want to slow yourself down.
Alex loves to pull suitcases around. It doesn't matter if their empty or overloaded. And, he's most likely to take his time and go in the opposite direction of where you are headed. But, boy can he haul....I guess, practice makes perfect.